Comet NEOWISE Is Just What We Needed

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Comet NEOWISE in the Northwestern Skies of Sonoma County, CA. Photo by Derrick Story.

Other than a few choice hardware announcements, this hasn’t been a great time for photographers. Events have been cancelled, travel is discouraged, and we’ve found ourselves staring eyeball to eyeball with the cat way too many times.

Then Comet NEOWISE appeared.

For those of us who enjoy night photography, this was truly a gift from God. First, it appeared in the early mornings. By mid-July, it was also showing after twilight for stargazers in North America. And she is a beauty.

Comets are mystical beings. They cruise around the solar system fueled by matter that’s thousands of years old. They appear. Then they disappear. And this one could not have come at a better time.

Most photographers have the tools necessary to enjoy this event: binoculars, tripod, and a fast lens. Suddenly, we have something to look forward to. For just a few moments each night, we can take a break from politics, disease, and injustice. We can get back to making images and sharing them with our friends.

What a breath of fresh air on a cool crisp night. Thank you NEOWISE.

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